Leftie leaves

In Love with Lefties!

Finished the Leftie shawlette/scarf pattern that I first talked about in Not Quite As Planned… and I’m very pleased with the result. The Mini Mochi turned out beautifully as the stripes/leaves:

While knitting up this pattern, I could envision and found many had already been implemented by others. Possible modifications include:

  • Stripes/leaves could be all one color, or two alternating colors, or three colors in a repeating pattern, or as the original pattern intended – scraps from the stash.
  • The interval between the stripes could use two alternating colors (or even more).
  • The variegated yarn could be the main color instead of the contrast. Here’s one beautiful example and another example.
  • The interval between stripes could be varied. The pattern is basically 10 rows of garter stitch followed by the two-row stripe/leaf combo. This interval could be any even number of rows of garter stitch. While I don’t think you’d want to get the leaves much closer than they are, you could certainly spread them out more – resulting in less yardage needed for the contrast color in the same size finished object. See an example of wider stripes.
  • This pattern could easily be done in any weight of yarn – as long as both colors are of similar weights. A heavier weight of yarn would reduce the yardage requirements and/or make a larger finished object. However, the pattern could be easily adapted to accomodate either option.
  • And of course, there is always the option to add some sparkle!

So many possibilities! I may have to knit another, and another…

(Would make great gifts for the upcoming holidays, too.)

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